UCMI – Overcome Project Challenges comeback with topic “Task management”


From June 21-23, UCMI – Overcome Project Challenges comeback with topic ” Task Management” organized by PM Community will take place in all three regions. This program would be shared practical experiences in the project, which can help PM, BU Lead, QA escape as well as applies to your projects efficiently.

Since 2016, UCMI – Overcome Project Challenges is a key seminar of FPT Software. In here, the delivery team will have the opportunity to share the experience when implementing the project. From there, the program can help the management have more knowledge to avoid as well as apply to the project and achieve the best results.

Followed this success, coming here, on 21-22-23 June, UCMI Roadshow-Overcome Project Challenges will be held in Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hanoi and Hoa Lac, in particular:

  • Danang: December 21/6, at 13:00-16:30, in the Cloud Room-training center, F-Complex.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: May 22/6, at 13:30-16:00, in the Oxford-G Floor, F-Town 1.
  • Hanoi: on 22/6, at 13:30-17:00, in the 13th-floor lounge-FPT building Paper Bridge.
  • Hoa Lac: 23/6, 17:00 at 13:30-Date, in room Six-Floor 2-Hai Ba Trung, F-Ville 2

This year, the program will bring to the extremely attractive content, shared issues will rotate turns the subject of task management. In managing the progress of important points and the most difficult is how to know the status of the project? Are fast or slowly? Have located in the area safe? The remaining workload is really how much? How much is more effort needed to completed the remaining work? There is 2 topic will share on this issue through two techniques to calculate the performance and progress of the project. That is:

  1. Manage progress with EVM (Earn Value Management) of HaDHspeakers (SM-FSU1)
  2. Project management using Jira Dashboards, in particular for agile project however waterfall also used, this share estimate performance project using the burndown chart of burnup CanhBX1 speaker/(PM-FSU11)
Speaker: CanhBX1

When the project manager, to bring effective, easy, tool administrators is very important. FPT Software is the leading tool for managing the problem, task management called JIRA. The project with different customers using the reporting tools and other project management Microsoft Project, Excel templates, …

So taking together? How effective, quickly to the needs of the project? That is the content of the 2 topic revolves around using JIRA effectively:

  1. Sync Jira task and monitoring task tool in HCMC’s TuanTA19(PM-DTL)
  2. Topic Project Management Support System in HN of the speakers DungVD2 (PM-FSU17)

In a few years, Migration or Modernization is 1 hot term. Everyone can have, are and will be doing the project Migration. CuongND6 speakers (PM-FSU17) brings to the very topic or related 1 TIPS to deliver a project to migrate 6.5 M LOCC/C++/MFC in short time. There are many strategies, solutions to deliver this project.

Is the only topic in Danang, sister ThuyTTH1 (PM-FSU17) will share on the topic “how to get PMP”. Does home exam PMP, CTCalso has a support training. Marine sister will share the secret method to attend certification PMP.

Speaker: ThuyTTH1

Comes from the desire to replicate effective when implementing the project, the Steering Committee recommended whole FSOFT BUL, PM, Team Lead, QA join seminar this time. CTC training centre has sent invitations and registration will start from today.

Contact details:

  • HN: Training.HN@fsoft.com.vn
  • HCM: Training.HCM@fsoft.com.vn
  • DN: Training.DN@fsoft.com.vn


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