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Data structure is always a “nightmare” for almost all IT students. This article will introduce readers to helpful books to make future programmers more confident with this subject!

  1. What is data structure?

Data Structures are the programmatic way of storing data so that data can be used efficiently. Almost every enterprise application uses various types of data structures in one or the other way. Data structure is built by:

Interface: Each data structure has an Interface which represents a set of calculations that a data structure supports. An Interface only provides a list of supported calculations, the types of parameters they can accept, and their returns.

Implementation (can be known as implementation): Providing an internal representation of a data structure, and the definition of the algorithm used in calculations of the data structure.

  1. Characteristics

Exact: The implementation of Data Structure should implement its interface correctly.

Time Complexity: The runtime or execution time of the data structure calculations must be as small as possible.

Space Complexity: Minimizing used memory of each calculation in the data structure.

  1. Helpful books on data structure

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy – Narasimha Karumanchi

Data Structures and Algorithm in Java, 2nd Edition – Robert Lafore

Introduction to Algorithm, 3rd edition – Thomas H.Cormen

Algorithm, 4th Edition – Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne

Elements of Programming Interviews in Java: The Insiders’ Guide – Adnan Aziz, Tsung-Hsien Lee, Amit Prakash

Thao Nguyen (collected)


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