Mr Truong Gia Binh: ” Small Start-up has advantage in the Revolution 4.0″


President of FPT said that in the revolution 4.0, young people can do everything without thinking about the flow of capital.

In the online seminar took place in the morning on June 20, on VnExpress, President of FPT – Mr. Truong Gia Binh and Mr. Pham Van Tam – CEO of Asanzo company of Vietnam shared the opportunities and the challenges for start-ups in the industrial revolution 4.0.

Mr. Binh said that Vietnam missed three earlier industrial revolutions but for the civil revolution 4.0. “If Vietnam does catch up with the trend , it is easy to fall into the ‘status  of being both old and poor’, ‘a person must raise 4 people’ not to mention many other problems. The only way is to catch the rhythm of the industrial revolution 4.0“, he expressed.

According to him, 4.0 is running with Speed dizziness based on the platforms of 3 previous revolutions and almost is “standing on the shoulders of them”.

Next time, you no longer relentlessly surprised when all the cars are free to operate without drivers, even the line of aircraft. I also imagine there will be many cities no longer have green light red lights; I think the amount of clothing giant chip to control the behavior, health status ..N. “, he stated.

The speakers (from left) are: Mr. Pham Van Tam, President, and CEO of the company Asanzo Vietnam and Mr Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the Board of FPT group. Mr. Tran Quang Hung(right), Founder Chairman Global Hub Forum in Hanoi Shapers of world economy (2013), the role of MC talks. Photo: Nguyen Van Quy.

Agree with Truong Gia Binh to his point, Mr. Pham Van Tam said that the industrial revolution 4.0 are affected the thinking and action of the people of Vietnam. In the company of the VietnamAsanzo, CEO also each step of the application technology to change consumer habits of customers.

If the customer previously used the warranty, right from the first days of operating the business, young CEO used the alternative software. All information will be collected, easily check, compare and save on costs not only for business but for all people.

Reviews about the chances of the community starting in the industrial revolution, he said, Vietnam’s great potential when65% of the population are under age 35 prefer to learn, like the Internet. However, starting a business is always associated with computer adventure.

According to him, if the previous revolutions need more money by the hardware, then with 4.0 only on the idea, the technology, the young can do right need not think about the flow of capital. Therefore, the small group of individuals still have many advantages. You kids can go from the sectoral industry, take advantage of what is available.

President of FPT also advises start-up should open many dimensions, including the industrial dimension. “The old days of e-commerce, payment, then the world today are severe lack the start-up industry,” Chairman of FPT Group advises start-up.

From the ecosystem is being built in FPT, he said that the opportunity for the young people likes to start at this lot. Most of the companies are making products to serve customers. With the application of the digital revolution, the start-ups can develop specific applications for each sector, such as banking, retail, transportation …

Photo: Quy Nguyen

In other aspects, CEO Asanzo has the perspective of the average achievements of revolution 4.0 operational career-orientation as that company are pursuing.

“It is important how the average of 4.0 in the thoughts of the community, so they saw no longer impedes and no longer afraid of change,” he said.

However, countless opportunities, but the two group leaders acknowledge, the startup will also have difficulty in this industrial revolution. In particular, restrictions on foreign language experts review the big hurdle is for 4.0 generation manpower.

Go back to the fears of many about the appearance of the robot has artificial intelligence that can completely replace human truth, he said that the industrial revolution 4.0 will create more jobs than before. By individual chemical elements is one of the characteristics of the revolution 4.0. The idea of giving only serves for an individual. Each of the advances in science and technology will open up more jobs than with business conditions known to actively exploit the advantage; to be going backward.

The challenge or not depends on the way in which we behave with the opportunity“, Mr Tam said.

At the seminar, two customers also get many questions from Macrumors readers, from the process of starting a business to seize the opportunity to experience enterprises in the current context.

Recounts the story of his career when standing in front of the greatest difficulty is in competition with foreign tv brands, owner of the airline Asanzo said, the success of the business in part thanks to thinking should change to match market demand.

With the industrial revolution, 4.0 challenges and risks are all parallel, however when the mechanism of Government’s policy to encourage the start-up should begin to consciously change needs and his financial abilities,” said Tam said.


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