Monitoring and protecting ERP system – Part 2


Part 2: Proposed Solutions

Maintain system security

Components of the system: operating system, database application and management systems, may contain vulnerabilities that allow hackers to get control over them. Installing patches for vulnerabilities usually takes much time due to the testing process, and sometimes the patch is not installed as a result of  worry about affecting the operating system. The Imperva solution enables to scan and evaluate vulnerabilities, weak configuration on the operating system, application, and database. Combining with the ability to identify and classify sensitive data inside the database, the the solution reports the analysis of the risk based on the relationship between the vulnerability and the sensitivity of the data, in order to build up protection policies and provide risk mitigation measures.

With vulnerabilities discovered, the Virtual Patching solution on the device makes vulnerabilities to be protected quickly and easily while fixing and installing patches of the database system can not carried out yet.

The Imperva solution allows the security department to define specific policies themselves to prevent violations of the security regulations of the business, such as warning/banning the database administrator (DBA) from accessing/editing sensitive data, or from creating accounts and assigning access right to some data object.

For a large and complex system like ERP, in addition to predefined policies which have self-study/ evaluation capabilities, the Imperva solution is capable of automatically creating security policies that simplify administration work through profiling, transactions into the database. Profiling remembers a group of users, from where, what action is usually performed on data objects, what they are, and how much to create a base-line. Any access not belonging to the base-line will be considered abnormal and may be warned/prevented. For example, a user accesses a large volume of records at a time or changes data abnormally, while usually the user only reads and retrieves a small amount of the data record.

Deploy the solution

The Imperva solution supports a transparent deployment model without changing applications and operating networks, enables enterprises to easily deploy and implement security solutions for ERP system. Imperva devices are deployed with inline to control accesses from the application, database can be set to add agents to control access directly to database of the database administrastor.

Transparent implementation, without altering the running system

Main functions of database protection system

Web Application Firewall – Protect applications automatically, accurately against risks on the Internet; detect global threat and and real-time to detect, filter and block bad traffic, minimize DDoS attacks.

Database Security – Supervise performance, protect real time and evaluation vulnerabilities, configuration management, data classification, user access management, administrator, security reporting and compliance of the database.

File Security – Monitor and evaluate activities and usage of data files/Monitor and manage user access rights/Monitor, alert, report changes on Active Directory.

Incapsula Website Protection – Cloud services protect Web services, anti-DDoS, distributes content, web application firewall, against high-level attack, balances global load.

Incapsula Infrastructure Protection – Protect IT network with one IP address or class C of address by using GRE and BGP routing, and against extremely large DDoS attacks such as UDP, SMTP or SYN floods.

Incapsula Name Server Protection – Protect DNS servers from DDoS attacks up to Tbps


ERP application plays an very important role in business, is a complex system and a point for managing valuable information. Therefore, businesses should pay attention to the security of the system when investing in ERP to ensure data security and help businesses secure their management and business activities. However, this security solution needs to meet such factors as ease in deploying, transparent and non-modular deployment, not affecting both the running system and the end-users. Also, they also need to provide a high automated protection, with predefined policies and reports that facilitate the deployment and management of the solution.

And Imperval’s database security solution responding appropriately to the above factors is a good choice for enterprises and organizations in need.

Song Phuong – FPT IS


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