Memorable moments at FPT TechDay 2017


Yesterday, on June 6, FPT TechDay 2017 took place successfully at Grand Plaza, Hanoi. The program welcomed more than 700 participants and attracted more than 20 000 Livestream views through the Facebook channel of Techinsight. Let’s see memorable moments at FPT TechDay 2017 through pictures below.

Participants soaked with sweat

Overcoming the irregular hot weather of Hanoi a few days ago, participants checked in very timely to attend the program. According to the statistics, the program welcomed more than 700 participants.

Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc, CEO of FPT, opened FPT TechDay 2017

At 9 am, Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc, CEO of FPT made the opening speech of FPT Technology Day 2017 with the topic: AI – Unlimited Future, Unlimited Experience.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, set expectations for the country’s IT engineers

At the event, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, said that many big technology companies in the world are consolidating the leading position by using artificial intelligence, such as Google, Apple, Amazon… in recent years. He expected IT engineers in Vietnam to invest in highly competitive applications, creating opportunities for Vietnamese products to expand to the region and the world.

Guests of the program

In particular, FPT TechDay 2017 had the participation of senior leaders and technology experts from big corporations such as DuPont, AT & T, NeoPost, Amazon, IBM, NextTech, MOG…, representatives of the big universities in Hanoi, leading experts in the field of information technology.

Mr. Le Hong Viet, CTO of FPT, shared the technology development progress of FPT from 1988 to now

Mr. Le Hong Viet, CTO FPT, said that FPT chose artificial intelligence (AI) as the topic for Tech Day 2017 because AI is the nucleus of the digital transformation platform that the corporation is designing for customers. Focusing on AI is also a long-term investment of FPT in the future, ensuring the construction of the solid foundation, being capable of meeting requirements in the coming years. On the picture is the technology development of FPT from 1988 to present.

Technology showcase stage with autonomous cars

With the topic of Artificial Intelligence, FPT demonstrated the artificial intelligence experience are with intelligent home, smart business model, smart city, autonomous technology, chatbot – virtual assistants,…

The Booth area attended many interests

Many artificial intelligence companies were also presenting in demo areas such as ALT, Five9, ELSA, Saltlux, Cinnamon Labs …

The little boy of Maker Hanoi drunk observation demo from the booths

FPT Technology Day 2017 not only attracted big companies and engineers but also the technology-loving kids from the Hanoi Maker and Tan of the team investing Gloves that can translate sign language from Le Hong Phong High School in Ho Chi Minh City.

FPT TechDay is a part of f.transform () – a series of events for the technology community organized by FPT. Previously, during 2 days, on June 3-4, 2017, Vietnam AI Hackathon took place successfully at Fville 1, Hoa Lac, Hanoi, with nearly 100 registered teams across the country. The event attracted the attention of the community with more than 13,000 live stream views via the Facebook channel. On June 5, 2017, the signing ceremony on high-tech resource development between FPT and University of Science Vietnam National University, Hanoi was held.

Nguyen Ha


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