Malware which attacks IoT devices will be double in 2017


According to the research statistic from Kaspersky Lab, total malware samples may attack smart devices will increase approximate 7000 in 2017 and more toward it.

For now, there are about 6 billion smart devices will be used in over the world. Smart devices, such as: clock, television, router, condition air…, are connecting together, wherein Internet of Things ecosystem is continuously developing. The huge connected devices is the main reason to make IoT become the attractive target of hackers.

Furthermore, most of smart devices is running based on Linux OS so hacker can use the same malware to attack many devices in the same time. It is also known as the reason to increase the quantity of Iot malware.

Follow to statistic, China (17%), Vietnam (15%), Russia (8%) are the top country which are attacked by hacker. Each country has a lot of IoT devices is infected malware. Brazil, Turkey and Taiwan are the second group.

The graph of malicious code attacking IoT devices each year

The research of Kaspersky Lab shows that most of malware will attack digital cameras, IP cameras (63%); network devices such as modem, router, DSL (20%)…. There are about 1% attacked devices is house smart devices.

However, it is so easy to hack millions of devices because most of them do not have the security solution or protection device. In addition, productions do not concentrate on producing security software to control, detect and protect devices.

Here are some warnings form Kaspersky’s experts to help smart devices avoid attacks:

  • Do not access unidentified network from your devices if necessary.
  • Turn off network services in case you no need to use.
  • Be careful with the unchanged password.
  • Change password before using devices.



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