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You are interested in Java programming language? TechInsight editors listed below 6 books from variety of famous Java libraries all over the world. Each book has it owns style and features but you will find them worth reading no matter you are new to Java or have been programming over 10 years.

Java Concurrency in Practice

Java Concurrency in Practice is a book written about Concurrency comprehensively and intensively. It includes many problems from basic to complex (along with solutions) that you have to encounter daily. The content presented is very detailed and well-written in a ingenious, clear and concise way, which make it easy to stick, focusing mainly on application in real life.

Besides many excellent examples (good code, bad code, questions,…), this book to help you in both theoretical basics and advanced techniques. Instead of presenting Concurrency APIs with same mechanisms, it points out the principles of design, patterns and models for readers to deploy software easily and efficiency.

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Java Performance

James Gosling once shared his thought: “If you love every single small detail of the performance of Java applications, this is the book for you.

This book is suitable to the ones who are pretty good in Java. Knowledge in the book helps your program achieve maximum efficiency and value, no matter how complex it is, which platform it is running on, or how long it has been written.

You will know how to build the optimal test, understand the results collected then make decisions and choices effectively, learn how to measure each small detail and als avoid common errors resulting not-so-good performance of software, optimize Java HotSpot VM, the standard and multi-layer applications, Web applications,…

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Thinking in Java (4th Edition)

Thinking In Java 4th Edition is an e-book about Java, written by Bruce Eckel in English in a meticulous and careful way.

The strongest point of this book is intelligent examples that go straight to the point, clear content, carefully structured. If you have programming experience already, especially in C++ programming, then this is the right choice.

This book’s content goes from basic syntax to advanced knowledge, focusing on object-oriented programming and different APIs in Java 2. This is the only book explains:

  • Why is Java designed like that?
  • Why does Java code run or why not?
  • Why is Java better than C ++ in this point better but not in other points?

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Effective Java (2nd Edition)

James Gosling, the father of Java language said: “I wish I had had this book 10 years ago. I had always thought that I did not need any book that teaches Java, until I know this book. “

This book covers the new features of Generics, Enums, Annotations, autoboxing, For-each loop, Concurrency,… technical updates and the latest ways to apply Object, Class, Library, Method, Serialization; common mistakes when using Java as well as how to avoid them, techniques, applying methods of libraries such as, java.lang, java.util, java.util.concurrent …

Arranged in a scientific way, this book can be called as a bedside book of many Java developers.

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Java Puzzlers : Traps, Pitfalls, And Corner Cases

Java puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, And Corner Cases will help you experience many feelings from surprised, enlightened,… It shows you the “cheated” points in Java in a way that you have never expected before. Even if you’re an expert programmer, the challenges in this book are still really interesting because each puzzle has a different level of difficulty written an attractive and funny style, they always seem to give you opportunity to easily reason and solve the problems, and then, you would find yourself wrong.

If your resolution is no correct, then you will have to think carefully why you are wrong and how to fix it. (Do not give up easily and read instructions on the next page.) This is a way to read this book effectively that many Developers shared.

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Head First Java, 2nd Edition

With its unique presentation, vivid style, puzzles, visual images,… Head First Java is an interesting book not just for someone who is new about Java, but also good for people in high level.

The author also left many subtle hints about an important part by a sentence: “You can apply this technique in most cases” or “You do not need to worry about remaining complicated part because you probably never use it.”

Content of the book focuses on Java 5.0, including programming knowledge from core to advanced level: Class, Object, Thread, Collection, generics, Enum, Variable Arguments, Auto-boxing, Swing, Networking, Java IO …

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