“FPT HI GIO is the real cloud service!”


FPT HI GIO CLOUD is a Cloud platform Service developed by FPT Telecom and Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) in Vietnam. This is the first cloud computing service in Vietnam which has a comprehensive scale and feature for both individual and corporate customers.

Thay vì phải đầu tư mua các thiết bị vật lý như: Server, Switch, Storage, Firewall,… giờ đây, người dùng chỉ việc thuê, trả phí các máy chủ ảo và các dịch vụ đi kèm của FPT HI GIO CLOUD theo nhu cầu sử dụng thực tế. Với hình thức này, người dùng có thể tùy chọn các tài nguyên theo nhu cầu sử dụng như CPU, RAM, DISK, Windows license,… với chi phí hợp lý nhất (Chỉ trả phí cho những gì bạn sử dụng – pay-as-you-go). Ngoài ra, FPT HI GIO CLOUD còn sở hữu nhiều ưu điểm nổi bật như:

Instead of investing in physical devices such as servers, switches, storage, firewalls,… now users just need to pay for hiring virtual servers and bonus services of FPT HI GIO CLOUD according to actual usage. With this form, users can customize the resources to their needs such as CPU, RAM, DISK, Windows license,… at the most reasonable cost. (Only pay-as -you-go). In addition, FPT HI GIO CLOUD also owns many outstanding features such as:

  • High performance;
  • Diverse form of payment helps finance flexibility;
  • Quick deployment;
  • Enhanced security with large bandwidth designed specifically for this purpose;
  • Increased business agility with scalability to meet real demand.

 (For detailed information about the service HERE).

Talking to Mr. Bui Minh Tien – Deputy Director of the Cloud Platform Service Center (CPS) on HI GIO Cloud, TechInsight reporters had the opportunity to learn more about this service. Following the conversation.

Mr. Bui Minh Tien (in blue) and his colleagues with HI GIO CLOUD at FPT TechDay

Reporter: There are a lot of cloud computing services in the market, so what’s the biggest difference between HI GIO CLOUD and other services?

Anh Bùi Minh Tiền (TienBM): Hầu hết dịch vụ hiện nay đều gọi là Cloud, tuy nhiên cần nhìn nhận rõ để phân biệt đâu là Hosting, VPS và Cloud. Riêng FPT HI GIO là dịch vụ Cloud thực sự. Vì sao? Vì dịch vụ cung cấp đầy đủ tính năng ở layer IAAS bao gồm: Virtual Firewall, NAT, Routing, Port Forwarding, cơ chế VPN Client to Site – Site to Site, đặc biệt là việc quản trị hoàn toàn trên Web Portal cũng như cơ chế tính tiền Pay – as – you – go. Điều quan trọng nhất là yếu tố ổn định, hiệu suất và khả năng chịu tải – điều này FPT HI GIO CLOUD đang được đánh giá rất cao.

Mr. Bui Minh Tien (TienBM): Most services are now called Cloud, but it is necessary to recognize clearly to distinguish what Hosting is, VPS or Cloud. FPT HI GIO is a true cloud service. Why? Because the service provides full features in the IAAS layer including: Virtual Firewall, NAT, Routing, Port Forwarding, VPN Client to Site – Site to Site, especially total management on Web Portal as well as Pay-as-you-go. The most important factor is stability, performance and loading capacity – FPT HI GIO CLOUD is highly appreciated.

Reporter: what technologies are HI GIO CLOUD currently applying?

TienBM: HI GIO CLOUD is currently implementing a virtualization platform based on VMware, but the core management and its features are technologies of IIJ (Japan), integrated into a unity – may be called a small ecosystem.

Reporter: In his opinion, when building and developing products, what were difficulties that the team encountered and how did the team overcome it?

TienBM: The biggest difficulty is the rigorous implementation process following the Japanese standard, everything must be in accordance with the two parties’ plan, how to deploy, cross-check and release feature. This requires the high focus and responsibility of the system builder. Overtime situation to ensure the progress is regular throughout the system construction. Besides the team must learn and train themselves to get new technologies in the quickest and shortest way, meeting work requirements.

Reporter: How is your assessment of the potential development of products in the Vietnamese market? Can you share some improvements of the products in the future?

TienBM: Cloud computing is not a trend in the near future but a reality in recent time, when customers are intending to move to cloud computing. Vietnamese market is a fertile land but domestic service providers are not exploiting efficiently, which is advantageous for units that are seriously investing from the beginning to dominate the market. After stabilizing the IaaS with FPT HI GIO CLOUD service, FPT continues to cooperate with IIJ to provide more services at PAAS and SAAS based on this platform to create a cloud computing ecosystem, and bring the most benefit to customers.

Reporter: Thank you for sharing. TechInsight would like to wish the cloud computing service – FPT HI GIO CLOUD will grow more and more in the future!

Duc Minh


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