FPT associates with Maker Hanoi to organize a series of IoT events for community


Starting from August 2017, FPT Technology Innovation Department in collaboration with Maker Hanoi to built IoT Weekend Series with the desire to create a playground for those who love technology the Internet of Things (IoT). Each event lasts 2 hours with the theme throughout is the Iodine and the pioneering technology trends such as Voice User Interface, self-propelled, cloud computing, virtual reality, natural language processing.

The technology is developing rapidly with speed, the human perspective may be ordered for all devices in the family by voice; HR in plants is replaced entirely by robots; self-propelled technology everywhere; or visit the top resorts in the world right at home … not too far away. Until this point, with the development and combine top technology trends, can assert that the things that people can do are impossible to believe.

Built by people who love IoT Technology, Maker Hanoi is known as an open space, where the attendees are free to be creative and build the technological products of your favorite. Here, everyone together to share academic knowledge, practical experience in the development of the IoT product. In addition, the Maker Hanoi also has activities to support the space and instructors to helping these children can grasp the basic knowledge about technology, make the product interesting for themselves. Always eager to expand Hanoi maker her models, create more playground for those who love technology.

Meanwhile, as the leading technology group in Vietnam, Chief Technology Officer Le Hong Viet share, FPT is currently geared towards community development, building technology ecosystem, which is the role of FPT connections. Besides sharing the data via the portal OpenFPT, create the playground as programming Hackathon contest, Codewar, CodeFight … the organization of seminars on technology such as TechDay, collaborate with lead of technology universities in the country, FTP also has the same organization community technology programs for each group specific technology such as IoT, Cloud Computing, AI…

With the collaboration, Mr, Doan The Vinh – representative for Maker Hanoi hope that: “With the ability, FPT will support on invited experts, supported financial, technical and logistic activities in event series. Maker Hanoi with practical experiences will contribute expertise to the workshop. Together, we will build IoT community in Vietnam developt and more sustainable “.

IoT Weekend Series is the first technology series event built by FPT Technology Innovation Department and Maker Hanoi. For the end of the year 2017, the series will have 5 seminars with the theme “IoT and the lead technology trends” include technologies like: Voice User Interface, Cloud, Autonomous, VR/AR, Nature Language Processing. IoT Weekend Series will have famous speakers who come from many positions such as microprocessor engineer from American, AR/VR expert in Japan, University professionals, experts from the leading technology companies in Vietnam like FPT, Topica… On 26th August, the first event with the topic “Voice User Interface and its role in Internet of Things” will be held.

Nguyen Ha


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