FPT brings digital government and digital businesses to Vietnam ICT Summit 2017

Tổng giám đốc FPT IS anh Phạm Minh Tuấn chia sẻ tại sự kiện Vietnam ICT Summit 2017

Smart city, Smart health, Smart Traffic, digital government, CyRadar, FPT.AI, Knowlead, FPT Play Box,… which are the latest technology products and services brought to FPT by the leading organizations, businesses and the social community at the Vietnam ICT Summit 2017 held on September 06, 2017.

Smart City

Smart City is a project that has been researched and deployed by FPT for many years, applied in Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway since 1/5/2016 with an intelligent surveillance camera and traffic system. Improving the management, operation and traffic quality in the cities has been applied in Ho Chi Minh City in early February 2017. According to the new cooperation agreement, FPT will deploy intelligent transportation system for Hanoi and propose IT service leasing model.

The digital map implemented by FPT will provide people and agencies with comprehensive information on real-time traffic conditions, a list of transport infrastructure (such as bus stations, signage …). At the same time, people are also able to directly reflect or receive information about the status of traffic through interactive chatbot automatically.

In addition to transportation, healthcare, digital government is also a field that FPT has invested in research and has certain results in the smart city area. At the event, solutions, medical applications, the digital government was introduced and demoed to the attendees.

CyRadar – A new cyber security startup, focus on NEXT-GEN security solution

Last June, CyRadar Start-up officially became an independent business called CyRadar Information Security Corporation. CyRadar focuses on next-generation cyber security solutions to protect enterprise networks as well as end-user devices.

CyRadar has brought to market two products: Advanced Threat Detection – a system for analyzing and detecting sophisticated attacks on corporate networks, providing timely detection to customers. And take actions to prevent this attack. And the second product, CyRadar Internet Shield, the next generation security gateway, protects corporate users against malicious attacks via the internet and email, against phishing attacks, manageable applications. Internet connection according to business policy. CyRadar promises to integrate the anti-leakage module into CyRadar Internet Shield soon.

FPT.AI – The Intelligent AI Platform for Business

FPT.AI – The platform builds intelligent voice or dialog interfaces for applications, robots, and smart devices. The platform provides artificial intelligence technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text to Speech (TTS), Speech to Text (STT), Natural Language Processing (NLP/NLU). This platform allows systems to interact with users using natural language through dialogue or text.

Advantages of the product:

  • Customized Solutions: Enables fine tuning of algorithms according to customer specific needs;
  • Flexible Deployment: Customers can easily deploy and develop the system quickly and conveniently;
  • Cost Effective: Customers do not need to pay in advance, just pay according to need use;
  • Enterprise Level Support: Supports application management services and application development;
  • Machine Learning: Ability to self-study non-stop, constantly improving according to the actual conversation;
  • Compatible platform: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Twilio, SMS, …

Currently, FPT.AI is being used by Asia’s leading telecommunications company; VHT – the company providing customer care services via Mobile, Email; and VHT – the unit providing customer care services via Mobile, Email, …

Knowlead – Integrated Recommendation Service for Digital Commerce

KnowLead.io – There is more to product discovery than relevance and preferences. Find the optimal balance between customer interests and business objectives with our integrated approach.

  • Flexible controls
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Built for massive scale (millions of customers)

KnowLead was born out of large-scale recommendation and content discovery solutions for corporate clients in digital media, e-commerce and offline retail. The back-end system is designed to be transparent while capable of handling millions of unique visitors. Our clients are free to focus on business performance while advanced machine learning models calculate the optimal product mix for each shopper in real time, from real business data.

FPT Play Box – Easy to own Smart TV 

The FPT Play Box is a peripheral that allows customer to change ordinary TVs into Smart TVs through an Internet connection. Products running BoxOS3 operating system, can connect to TVs and LCDs by AV or HDMI. This is a smart TV product for the family, with many great functions and attractive content. FPT Box is an Internet TV viewing box that is expected to replace the old traditional TV mode.

Bringing FPT Play Box to Vietnam ICT Summit 2017, representative of FPT Telecom shared “Not only provide an entertainment service via television, with technology resource from FPT Telecom, we always try to bring optimal user experience, modern and best products to use. We hope to contribute to forming habits and orientating modern entertainment from the needs of each person, each family.”



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