ERP turns data into a new “gold mine” of the business

FPT IS là đối tác của nhiều nhà cung cấp giải pháp doanh nghiệp ERP hàng đầu thế giới, giúp doanh nghiệp đẩy mạnh số hoá

Businesses need digital transformation and leverage data mining effectively for the better management. This is the opinion of experts at Asian Innovators Summit 2017 – AIS organized by SAP on August 23  in Ho Chi Minh City. Therein, ERP is a key to helping customers digitize and smartize everything, turning data into a new “gold mine” for businesses.

Here, experts have outlined the benefits of converting a business into a number of different fields (finance, supply, human resources, etc.). However, according to market research data from Oxford Economics, despite the fact that 84% of global enterprises surveyed realize the importance of digitalization, only 3% of them are now complete. Become digitized on the whole organization and take advantage of it.

This is also what SAP together with creators and partners such as FPT IS come together to come up with solutions at this year’s conference. FPT IS joined the conference as a leading SAP partner and successfully implemented SAP ERP solutions for many enterprises in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, some companies initially were reluctant to convert the numbers because they were used to manual manipulation in the past (non normalized processes, many papers, less control …) but then they Has implemented the successful data conversion. In the program’s talk, An Cuong Woods’ representative said that when implementing the SAP ERP system, An Cuong has standardized 119 processes and data more fully and accurately, The SAP ERP system has helped An Cuong reduce its settlement time by half and increase the connectivity between department and department. The board of directors of An Cuong and its subsidiaries can control the input and output of critical processes, detailed and timely debt control.

The most obvious demonstration of digitization that has helped businesses thrive around the world is the Uber case, which does not own any car, but its passenger transport network is abundant. nation.

Mr. Phan Thanh Son – CTO FPT IS at the Asian Innovators Summit 2017

Thus, businesses want to increase competitiveness in the era of industrial revolution 4 now, there is no reason to ignore the digital conversion process.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution helps businesses speed up the process of digitizing data, automating workflow processes, etc. At the conference, SAP also made recommendations, Public and private sectors in Vietnam need to step up their efforts to harness the power of data to increase the value of the business.

SAP Enterprise Solution Provider said that with its partners in Vietnam, FPT IS, they have been supporting local enterprises to digitize their business data, from logistic to IoT asset management solution. Including the conversion of raw data into smart data.

Not only SAP’s partner, FPT IS is a partner of many of the world’s leading enterprise solutions providers. With over 600 specialized consultants deploying in 8 industries: Construction, Consumer, Finance, Retail … SAP’s staff helps more than 100 businesses digitize their data through management systems. ERP resources, including many million-dollar projects for leading companies such as Ca Mau Fertilizer, Bidiphar, Vemedim, Vinasoy, Trung Nguyen Coffee etc.

Governments and businesses are now working to achieve the objectives of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Scheme in the ASEAN region. This will provide opportunities for organizations as well as private companies to harness the power of data when they start the digital transformation process.

Thanh Trang


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