Customer Experience Management – Model to satisfy customer requirements


In order to improve the customer’s experience, CEM practices have been adopted by FPT Retail, (Optimized search engine); FPT Online (Personalization tool), etc. At FPT Telecom, a CEM strategy is being researched and developed systematically.

The concepts of “Customer Experience” and Customer Experience Management (CEM) are attracting a great deal of attention from enterprises, including FPT.

Box 2: Customer experience management is “Initiative in the design and management of the entire customer experience: from the brand experience, the purchase and use of products and services to the experience of after-sale services. It covers all channels and all touch points with the aim to meet customer expectations and promote customer satisfaction, loyalty, and support.”

CEM in FPT Telecom

As a telecom company with primarily individual and household customers, FPT Telecom has always put the customer at the center of its business decisions. As products are becoming homogeneous and price is no longer the deciding factor, FPT Telecom believes that Customer Experience Management will be the primary differentiator through the continuous enhancement of customer experience. Customers are satisfied at every touch point across all channels such as website, Facebook, Google, sales staff and stores. It can be said that CEM is the methodology by which FPT Telecom executes its customer-centric strategy, where customer satisfaction is a top priority for the company.

Digital transformation in Customer Experience Management

For most businesses, how to deploy CEM is a challenge by itself. Each business often has to research and design a program and set its priorities based on its resources, organization model and business situation.

FPT Telecom has identified two key factors for the successful deployment of CEM: customer focus and the application of technology. Customers are at the center of business decisions, and the application of technology entails leveraging the digital transformation to create outstanding experiences. “FPT Telecom aspires to be the regional leader in telecom services, a pioneer in technology” – this is the strategic objective of FPT Telecom in the coming period.

The “Customer Voice” program

The final goal of CEM is to enhance customer experiences, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. This requires companies to assess customer satisfaction at every touch point. The “Customer Voice” program at FPT Telecom aims to get close to and understand customers, then turns this information into actions to increase customer satisfaction.

The system follows a closed process

“Customer Voice” is a platform to centralize, manage and process customer feedback. The system measures customer satisfaction and records customer feedback at critical touch points across channels, from Call Center, Email, Live Chat, Facebook to new channels such as the mobile app Hi FPT, etc. The level of satisfaction is rated by the method of CSAT (Customer Satisfaction). Low CSAT ratings are sent to the relevant units to analyze and resolve, according to the principle of “closed loop feedback” – immediately handling each customer response.

FPT Telecom CEM 2016 – Just the beginning

“Customer Voice” is one of the five programs in the current CEM project at FPT Telecom. Technology and the digital transformation play an important role in the success of this project. All of the programs are connected to one platform, called the CX Platform, where the customer’s experience is digitized and managed centrally in a consistent manner.

FPT Telecom considers the creation and improvement of digital experiences a top priority. With the application of digital transformation technologies such as Data Analytics, Cloud, AI and Automation, FPT Telecom aims to create an exceptional personal experience – the WOW Experience. Customer Experience Management will be a battlefield in the near future, where the right strategy will bring victory. Thanks to the customer-focused culture and technological resources inherited from FPT Corporation, FPT Telecom expects to be a pioneer in applying CEM in the Vietnamese market, to become a leader in customer experience.

Nguyen Phu An – FPT Telecom


  1. Do you have a a proper department tat deals with consumer feedback ?

    Sadly like most companies in Vietnam you see that as an opportunity for

    competitors to carp , or something else based on the one party company

    that is impervious to to any critique . This hidebound attitude is across the

    board in a country proudly claiming access to a 21st century pan global acceptance .

    Mmmmmmn ? Wake up to the Dak Lak without a weasel to process it .


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